The Universe and Other Roadside Attractions

With her dad living across the country and her brother about to bolt for college, 12-year-old Winnie masterminds a 3000-mile road trip to reunite her family. Her brother hasn’t seen their dad since transitioning to his true gender but begrudgingly agrees to the trip for Winnie. Facing mechanical troubles, natural disasters, and mansplaining stranger danger, Winnie’s plan to bring her family back into orbit implodes, leaving her wondering if she can be the gravitational field holding them together or if they’ll end up light years apart.

THE UNIVERSE AND OTHER ROADSIDE ATTRACTIONS is a middle grade contemporary LGBTQ+ novel with the fun and mischief of Parent Trap and the close sibling relationship of Luna.

Read an interview with Emily and her PitchWars mentor, Kimberly Torne, about working together on The Universe and Other Roadside Attractions.